Dr.Parallax is four best friends from Cairns who have been locking themselves in rooms for over two decades orchestrating instrumental chaos.
Over the years the band has played on stages in pubs, clubs, and festivals up and down the East Coast of Australia and has never failed to rock a crowd.
Their sound is hard to categorise as any one song can shift from mathy hardcore riffs to jazzy blues licks to syncopated metal breakdowns,
all while snaking through off kilter rhythms and odd time signatures.
Think if Tool and The Dillinger Escape Plan had a mute baby that listened to a lot of Primus and Animals as Leaders.

Highlighted Shows:

SCHEMA Festival 2018 w/ Like Thieves, and Deadlights August 2018
Crowbar Brisbane w/ A Breach of Silence, and King Mungi August 2018
Flamin’ Galah w/ Balloons Kill Babies, and Spook the Horses November 2017
Zombie Walk Melbourne October 2016
Zombie Walk Brisbane w/ Shihad October 2016.